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The Winter Birding at Sachuest Point program scheduled for Saturday 1/31/2015 has been resheduled to 2/28/2015 10:30am-1:00pm due to extreme weather conditions. For further information, or to register, please visit our calendar.

The Owling at Fisherville Program scheduled for Friday, 1/30/15 7:00-9:00 pm has been rescheduled to Saturday, 2/28/15 7:00-9:00 pm.  

The Whooping Crane Lecture scheduled for Tuesday, 1/27/15 7:00-8:00 pm has been rescheduled to February 10, 2015 7:00-8:00pm.  For further information on this program, or to register,  please visit our calendar. 

Winter Hours Now In Effect at the Environmental Education Center: Weds.-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun. 12pm-5pm


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2015 Audubon Summer Camp



Audubon’s Summer Camps gets kids ages 3½ to 14 outside exploring our local environment — fields, forests, ponds, streams, and the coast of Narragansett Bay.  Our camps are conveniently located at three of our wildlife refuges in Bristol, Smithfield, and Seekonk.  It’s the perfect environment for adventure, exploration, learning, and loads of fun!  It’s what summer camp should be! Audubon provides a safe environment for plenty of outdoor fun in a variety of natural habitats.

Kids get outside, learn about the environment, make new friends, and have tons of fun.


Read more... [2015 Audubon Summer Camp]
Big Year in a Little State

Celebrate 2015

with a Big Year!

Shortly after the publication of Roger Tory Peterson's field guide to North American birds in the 1930s, an informal competition began among birders to see as many species as possible in a single year.

Throughout the 1950s, BIG YEAR participants were listing upwards of 598 species of North American birds within a single year. While this number seemed staggering at the time, technologies continued to improve as did the ease of travel, now allowing individuals to access more remote regions of North America in search of new species.

This resulted in year after year of records being smashed as individuals became more willing to spend the money and time in pursuit of every species possible in North America. The current record, set in 2013  stands at 747 species!

The competition has now attained legendary status thanks to published books from previous BIG YEAR competitors as well as the release of the popular movie "The Big Year".

The Audubon Society of Rhode Island is promoting a BIG YEAR IN A LITTLE STATE in the spirit of the famous competition. Funds raised through the competition will be used to further Audubon's mission of protecting birds and their habitats through education and advocacy. 
For moe information and to register for


Audubon Society of Rhode Island



Audubon Society of Rhode Island, the state's first environmental organization, invites you to discover the wonders of nature. Annually, more than 17,000 members and supporters along with tens of thousands visitors enjoy our fifteen refuges statewide, award-winning Environmental Education Center, and enthralling special events and fascinating programs. 

Our Audubon was founded in 1897 to halt the slaughter of birds used in the day's fashions. Today, our mission promotes environmental education, conservation and advocacy.

The Audubon connects you with nature all year through recreational and educational activities, emphasizing birds while encompassing all native wildlife and habitats.

The natural world is both sanctuary and classroom. Audubon encourages you to enjoy nature, learn from it, and protect it. Join us and experience the discoveries that nature offers you.


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